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The Center provides essential education for Knowledge of one's body, mind and life energy; their interactions, processes and practices to strengthen and streamline them. Knowledge of true relationship between individual and society.

For the benefit of the seekers there are many SKY centres which is spread in almost all major areas of Singapore.


Meditation & Yoga


Normaly the life energy is functining at 'Mooladhar' near the sex gland. Under this condition, the mind is more emotional in an accelerated and aggravated condition through sensory and physical activities.

By changing the working centre to 'Agna Chakra', point between eyebrows and meditating there, the mental frequency is reduced to alpha wave level



Upcoming Events


Recent News and Events

Blood Donation Drive - 2011


Blood Donation Drive was jointly organized by SKY Meditation Centre and Arasakesar Sivan Temple on August 14, 2011. The event was inaugrated by Mr. John Alvin Member Of Parliament.


Introspection Level 1


Introspection Level 1 was conducted at the Arasakesari sivan temple.


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